Workplace Safety Practices We Live By

Workplace Safety Practices We Live By

Workers in the global energy industry are exposed to a variety of equipment, materials and environments, making the potential for health and safety hazards ever-present. Thus, putting in place standardised procedures for ensuring health and safety for all workers and equipment has never been more crucial. 

At the Nestoil Group, we are continually working to improve safety processes through training, information technology and research. These combined individual and group efforts have established Nestoil as an industry leader in safety culture.

Employee Safety and Welfare

The people who drive our operations, especially in the field, are primarily tasked with maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all. This a group effort and everyone plays a role. 

In constructing or maintaining pipeline projects, for example, our employees are always clad in personal protective equipment such as boots, gloves, hard hats and eye protection. 

Here are some of the measure we have put in place to ensure employee safety: 

Health and Safety Policies: Robust policies that address a variety of safety scenarios are in place to guide everyone. These account for fatigue management, hours of service requirement and other factors to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. 

Sleep: Employees are encouraged to get enough sleep daily; 7 to 9 hours is recommended. Excessive consumption of coffee is not a healthy substitute. 

Diet: Having a healthy breakfast and other meals throughout the day make you more productive. 

Process Safety 

While we give a lot of focus to personal or employee safety, process safety is far from neglected. In addressing process safety, we create and maintain installations to prevent the unintentional release of chemicals and other hazardous materials into the environment. 

Training and equipment maintenance are two major forces we use in driving process safety at Nestoil. In addition, we also ensure that all equipment are built to the highest global standards, with quality materials and cutting-edge technology.

Community Safety 

Across the communities we operate in, we have established a variety of safety measures to ensure the protection of lives, equipment and other property. Communities and terrains are often unique, so our approach differs from site to site. 

In constructing or maintaining pipeline projects, for example, we set up safe evacuation procedures, safety training and other measures to ensure people know what to do in the event of an emergency.

As the energy industry continues to grow and evolve, new challenges arise regularly. Taking the time out to establish a safety culture results in less time spent in reacting to damaging incidents.

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