The Group Managing Director

Message From The Group Managing Director

Dr Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi


At its inception, over a decade ago, the objective of Hammakopp Consortium was to become a world-class Nigerian EPCC company. We are proud to say that we are achieving this objective with our recent commissioning of two strategic projects: the EPIC Development of Shell Petroleum Development Company of Niger Limited (SPDC) Industrial Area Hospital IPD/Extension and the Construction of Township Road and Drainage at Sanni Road, Olomore District Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The Shell Hospital IPD/Extension project is worthy of note as it was implemented with the highest degree of safety consciousness, considering that the site was located in the very busy Shell Industrial Area with a large volume of human and vehicular traffic.

This is a remarkable and fitting tribute to our highly motivated, experienced and diverse workforce. In recognition of the need to expose our personnel to the latest developments in their respective areas of core competence, we ensure that members of our staff undergo local and international courses to keep them abreast with trends and technological advances in their specialist areas.

Complimentary to our human resources development is our continued heavy investment in equipment acquisition and facilities development. Hammakopp has developed a massive permanent operation base at Okija, Anambra State. This base consists of Office Blocks, Maintenance Workshops, Warehouse & Open-air Storage, Sacking Area, Equipment packing, Security and Clinic. The facility is fully linked with the latest ICT infrastructure aside its independent power source.

As a member of the Nestoil Group Hammakopp enjoys financial and facility backing form other members of the group viz, NestoilB&Q Dredging and Energy Works Technology (EWT).

Hammakopp is on a steady rise and is currently ranked among the best civil engineering companies in Nigeria as the current partnership with Julius Berger Nigeria on the construction of Rail Way from Abeokuta to Aladja is a proof of this growth.

Our clients certainly would be pleased to learn that we have rededicated our efforts to remain the foremost one-stop-shop fully indigenous Nigerian entity. We pledge to achieve this objective in a secure and environmentally safe manner, and at the same time, positively impact on our host communities.

Dr Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi

The Nestoil Group has not advertised any mass recruitment exercise or investment scheme. Information from us will always be published on our official websites and verified social media accounts. Any user or account making any kind of offer in the name of the Nestoil Group should be disregarded and reported.