Special Expertise

Special Expertise

(provided by our technical partner IMPaC Offshore Engineering GmbH)

In over 30 years and with over 800 projects undertaken, IMPaC Offshore Engineering GmbH has gained special expertise in the areas of cryogenic gas transfer systems, process safety, automation and control, shallow water technology and subsea technology. These specialised expertise has been strengthened and successfully utilised in numerous projects, making IMPaC Offshore a competent partner in these challenging areas. Find details below:

Cryogenic Gas Transfer Systems

IMPaC Offshore provides engineering and consultancy services for gas treatment modules and gas transfer systems, a major technical challenge due to the required cryogenic temperatures (e.g. LNG: -164° C) and the handling of liquefied gases in offshore environments which requires additional system precautions. Based on knowledge and experience gained in more than 150 gas related projects, IMPaC has developed a comprehensive offshore unloading system, for example, Liquefied Ethylene Gas (LEG) using shuttle vessels with a total capacity of 200,000 t LEG/year representing almost 1/3 of the world’s total LEG transport capacity. To date, the system has performed more than 3000 successful operations.

Process Safety, Automation & Control

The application of the most modern systems decreases CAPEX and OPEX and can significantly increase profitability and safety. In greenfield development and plant renovation, IMPaC Offshore has introduced the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art technologies of safety and control system, including field devices supplemented by powerful and scalable remote systems management. Efficiency and adequacy of safety instrumented and control function are examined systematically during design and proven during operation. IMPaC Offshore also offers comprehensive and unconfined consultancy services for automation and safeguarding concepts due to our manufacturer independence.

Shallow Water Technology

There are numerous ocean areas in the world with extremely shallow water conditions (0 to 4 m water depth), e.g. in the German Bight, in the north of the Caspian Sea and the swamps of Nigeria. Access to these ‘amphibic’ areas is a major problem during all stages of a project; for personnel, materials, transport and installation of platforms and modules, safety, rescue and maintenance. The choice of the ‘right’ plant base (artificial island, barge solutions, piled platforms, and others) and the corresponding export facilities are of crucial importance. These aspects have to be covered simultaneously for all construction stages and have a significant impact on CAPEX and OPEX as well as on the ease of operation.

Subsea Technology

The increasing demand for hydrocarbons makes exploration and production activities in ultra-deepwater prospects more attractive and remunerative. IMPaC Offshore is following this trend and has participated in various subsea projects. IMPaC has developed a distributed control and automation system called “IMPaC-dCAS”, which allows remote control of all relevant subsystems and tasks in a subsea production plant via broadband Ethernet connection (water depth rated 2.000 m; step-out 100 km). This system serves as a key component for subsea production plants.

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