Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

At B&Q Dredging, our corporate social responsibility strategy is driven by the values underpinning our mission and the choices made each day by our executives, managers and employees as we engage with the immediate communities at all operational sites.

We recognize that the essence of our corporate social responsibility must be applied in a manner appropriate to each community needs: minimizing harm, maximizing benefits and being accountable to society at large.


The concept of quality for B&Q Dredging encompasses all those features of our projects and services that aim to satisfy our client’s expectations and requirements. Emphasis shall always be in line with striving to act with proper attention to quality affairs as the most important means to achieve the objectives of the company.

corporate social responsibility in Nigeria

The Nestoil Group has not advertised any mass recruitment exercise or investment scheme. Information from us will always be published on our official websites and verified social media accounts. Any user or account making any kind of offer in the name of the Nestoil Group should be disregarded and reported.