Health and Safety

Health Safety and Environment

B&Q Dredging is committed to providing the safest possible working conditions for its employees and to protect the health and safety of the public in all of its facilities and activities.

B&Q is a friend of the environment. We recognise that the degradation of the environment on account of dredging activities is a challenge that must be addressed. The sustenance of the environment is a critical success factor at B&Q, and we ensure that for dredging operations and river crossings, critical stakeholders are engaged and understandings and permits obtained prior to commencement. B&Q Dredging personnel are regularly inducted and orientated on proper precautions required in such situations.


To affirm this commitment, B&Q endeavours to comply with all applicable current occupational health, safety and environmental laws and regulations, and also develop the most feasible operations, procedures, technologies and programs to suit any job being undertaken by its employees.