View some of our achievements in loading & unloading facilities, storage facilities, transport facilities (including pipelines), power & utilities, and more.

Plant Stability

Except in the case of Trans-Forcados Pipeline (TFP) unavailability, no more frequent shutdown on equipment breakdown and we expect this to change as Keremor Crude Loading Platform comes on stream.

Sustained Available Crude Production

Although production of some wells has been boosted via workover jobs, crude production has also been sustained through equipment availability.

Increased Response to operations & Maintenance Issues

There have been improvements in the responses the O&M team receive from the Asset Management Team (AMT) since our arrival on operations & maintenance issues.

Increased Statutory Compliance

Most vessels were overdue for statutory inspection & re-certification by more than two years at our coming. All these have now been addressed.

Zero LTI/Fatality

There was no injury sustained from the operation neither was any death recorded in the past one year.

Value and addition cost savings of up to the tune of USD19M

Through technical know-how, experience and do-it-yourself (DIY) activities, we have been able to add value and significant cost savings to the assets.

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