Celebrating Women in Science – Breaking Barriers and Making a Difference

Women are making a remarkable difference across every part of the Nestoil Group. Without their dedication and creativity, we would not be the company we are today. 

In honour of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we interviewed two incredible Nestoil women in science and got them to share insights into their everyday life, experiences and inspiration.

Esther Adejo – Finding My Voice, Growing and Helping Others

For over 9 years, Nestoil has given me a career to be proud of. I have had so many opportunities to learn, fail, learn again and grow. I have been able to rise to my current role as the Acting Civil/Structural Engineering Lead with the help of leaders and mentors who continue to guide me along the way. 

esther adejo

The most interesting part of my job is that there is no typical day; one day I would be busy in scheduled progress meetings and design reviews and the other day I would be supervising and working on site visitations. I am happy to be crushing it in this multifaceted field that has historically been tough for women to break into. 

“Being a woman in Engineering is incredibly exciting and has made me resilient and prolific.”

I am currently the only woman in my unit, and over time I am pleased to have established myself as a go-to person when a problem needs to be solved. Persevering in the face of all the challenges that I have had to face as a young woman in engineering has meant standing up for myself and my abilities. 

Kanayo Anidi – Learning From the Best and Challenging Gender Norms

I feel fortunate to have started my career as a Graduate Trainee in 2019. As a teenager many years ago, I already knew I wanted a career in the sciences, and engineering seemed like the perfect place for me. I am very happy for all the growth and for being one of the women helping change the narrative of engineering as a man’s field. 

01_KANAYO ANIDI_International Day of Women and Girls in Science-1

Ever since I started at my current role a little over two years ago, I have come to realise the unique peculiarities that come with the job, particularly when I’m the only female engineer in my team. It has often been a challenge, but the challenges have shaped into positive experiences and have made me stronger and more determined. My coworkers have been amazing in being advocates for women in science and helping me fit right in. What I enjoy most about my job is the people I get to work with – people from multiple disciplines who have a vast array of expertise and backgrounds. 

“The most important thing for me is to ensure I put in my absolute best to get the best result and make a lasting impact. I believe that gender bias must be challenged by bringing in diversity and openness.”

Looking back now, it is quite incredible how much growth I have experienced – Graduate Trainee to Project Planning Engineer in just two years is a big win for me. Splitting my time between project management and the field has offered me the best of both worlds and I’m super excited for the future. 

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