The Shell Kolo-Creek- Rumuekpe Trunkline Replacement Project (KCTL)


The Shell Kolo-Creek- Rumuekpe Trunkline Replacement Project (KCTL)

Nestoil constructed the 20” X 38 kilometre pipeline replacement project for Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC), consisting of recovering an existing pipeline laid in 1973 and laying the new line in the same ditch.

The nature of the KCTL project involved two major river crossings at Orashi and Sambrairo rivers, two major creek crossings for Kolo creek and Okoma creeks and several minor creek crossings. The project cut across land, seasonal swamp as well as flooded and muddy terrain.


This project was first of its kind. It involved a method of pipeline installation that preserves the delicate natural environment of the Niger Delta.

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