About Nestoil

Whistleblowing Policy

At Nestoil, we encourage transparency in our commitment to operational excellence and delivering exceptional value. One way we accomplish this is via this platform where stakeholders (internal or external) can easily raise concerns regarding any wrongdoing involving the company. 

Please use the details below to file a report for necessary action. All reports will be treated with privacy and anonymity.

Internal Channel:

External Channels:

Phone: 0703-000-0026, 0703-000-0027, 0808-822-8888, 0708-060-1222, 0809- 933-6366, 0705-889-0140

Alternatively, you may use either of the forms below

At the Nestoil Group, we are always committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of our diverse workforce spread across multiple locations in Nigeria. Click to discover more: Our COVID-19 Response.