My Oil And Gas Industry Experience At Nestoil – Onyekwere Ekeleme

My Oil And Gas Industry Experience At Nestoil – Onyekwere Ekeleme

I have been working as a maintenance engineer at Nestoil for eight years now. It has been an exciting run as I have had the opportunity of working in different areas of the company, and indeed the industry.

In my current role as Maintenance Lead for OML 42 and Warri Operations, I am in charge of ensuring that all our equipment are always in reliable and top-notch working conditions. I work round the clock to ensure that all projects have functional equipment as well as all operational vehicles. With each day comes new challenges and opportunities to learn a lot.

Some Memorable Career Moments

My professional development at Nestoil has been amazing; I have participated in technical roles in dredging, shorelines protection, pipeline engineering, piping engineering, survey works, civil constructions, flow station operation and maintenance and numerous other functions within the company.

I have also successfully supported the completion of the Nembe-Cawthorne Channel Trunkline Replacement Project (NCTL), Soku gas projects, OML 42 for the start and completion of the Odidi re-entry, Jones Creek Phases 1,2 and 3 works, IMPAC Engineering operation and maintenance of the Odidi Flow Station, among many other projects.

What the Future Holds

The careers of everyone at Nestoil is very important, and the company is dedicated to providing training, mentorship and other requirements to ensure you continue to succeed. My greatest satisfaction is not just in doing what I love but also positively touching lives in the process. Beyond my contributions to my professional role, I’ve also significantly impacted workers from the host community who have been assigned to me as trainees over the years.

For students and recent graduates looking to start and grow a career in the energy industry, I advise a strong and committed dedication to work. Always think outside the box and be open to learning new things every day.

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