My Nestoil Story – Kahme Eyetsemitan

My Nestoil Story – Kahme Eyetsemitan

If you had told me when I was applying for university admission years ago that I would start my career working for a leading energy company like Nestoil, I would have had some doubts. Although I have always been an outgoing person, I never thought that I would be using traits of my personality to get a job or even one I love so much. But it’s the 21st century, life is interesting, and we’re discovering new things every day. 

That’s how I would describe my time so far at Nestoil. It gets even more exciting considering I work with the External Relations department as a Partner Relations Officer. In this role, I spend a good portion of my day to day life interacting with a lot of people within and outside the company. This has helped me immensely as I have improved my emotional intelligence and grown to be more effective in dealing with people over the past year. 

Rising into any position in Nigeria’s largest indigenous oil and gas service company is not an easy task. There are a lot of things I have to keep up with daily. I am lucky enough to be in a company where everyone is incredibly supportive and interested in seeing you succeed. 

Hands down, working for Nestoil has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life. 

To people, especially young women, considering a career in public relations, business development or anywhere in the oil and gas industry, here are some advice:

  1. Be focused but open-minded – as you set and pursue your goals, remember to keep an open mind at all times. The greatest inspirations, I have found, come from the most unexpected places.
  2. Learn from everybody – Interacting with a lot of people regularly has exposed me to a wealth of knowledge and wisdom like never before. Every person you meet is a walking, living exhibition of history. Tap into that.
  3. Slay with your own twist – While I may not be an engineer like a lot of people at Nestoil or a man like most people in the oil and gas industry, I know that my opinions and ideas are valued. Diversity makes every team better. So, if you’re conquering an industry that was male-dominated for a long time, use your unique perspective to grow yourself and the company. 

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