Ghana moves to Prioritize Gas

JOHN PETER AMEWU is Ghana’s Minister of Energy. In this interview with Nestoil News, on the sidelines of 2019 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas, Amewu talks about the country’s natural gas aspirations, local participation in the oil sector amongst other issues. Excerpts:

How do you feel calling for investors to embrace Ghana’s oil sector when the mantra now is about alternatives to fossil fuel?

Alternatives have to do with selecting best choices. The best choice comes at a time that we believe as a country that we are migrating into a very cheap area in terms of our energy drive which has to do with natural gas. Natural gas is the resource we are migrating to; it is very cheap, more sustainable and environ- mentally-friendly. So the alternative for Ghana now if we move away from oil is natural gas…..


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“The major challenge is the notion of Ghanaians, which is similar to other countries who own natural resources that we have not benefitted… from the oil industry.”

Do you have any roadmap for developing local participation in the oil sector?

We have what we call the Local Content and Local Participation in the oil and gas industry. It covers participation in the midstream and also the entire energy sector. We have the regulatory framework in terms of achieving local participation in the energy sector. We spread this over a period of 10 years to see how we can really get involved in some of the activities in the oil sector. Thus, the roadmap is there and have been clearly stated and it is also backed with a lot of legislative and regula- tory framework.

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