Quality Inspector

We’re on an evolutionary journey where we’re changing our story. We are looking to hire an experienced Quality Officer/Inspector to join our diverse team in our Company.

In this role, you will work closely with our Strategic Business Units (SBUs) and   departments across the Group.  The primary role of the Quality Officer/Inspector appointed by the Company is to perform quality assurance functions in the Aircraft Maintenance Service, Flight / Ground Operations & Crew Training departments respectively also, to verify by monitoring activity in the fields of Flight Operations, Crew Training, Maintenance, Engineering, Passenger Handling, Ground Handling Services & Cargo activities, that the standards required by the NCAA and any additional requirements defined by the Company, are maintained under the supervision of the relevant nominated Post Holder

As a Quality Inspector, you will be responsible for:

  • Performing investigations, audits, and inspections as part of ongoing quality assurance.
  • Identifying and record any concerns or findings, and the evidence necessary to substantiate such concerns or findings.
  • Proposing or recommending solutions to concerns or findings through designated reporting channels and methods.
  • Verifying the implementation of solutions within specific time scales.
  • Holding quality briefings in his/her own activity.
  • Working out quality indicators related to own activity.
  • Following external auditors and inspectors, if requested to do so.
  • Writing his/her own correspondence.
  • Archiving his/her own documents.
  • Establishing the audit plan for own activity covering all aspects of the Nig. CARs requirements.
  • Preparing the Management Review for own activity.
  • Preparing monthly activities Quality and bi-annual quality report to Safety & Quality Manager
  • Supervising, managing & distributing relevant information on all OPS documents.
  • Keeping the Operations Manuals held by the Quality Department up to date.
  • Relaying findings and recommendations of the local Authority to Flight Operations and Crew Training.
  • Giving the internal agreement for providers and subcontractors.
  • Auditing outstations (if suitable).
  • Auditing Ground Handling Agent
  • Registering his/her own internal and external correspondence and keep files.
  • Distributing Quality Plan and Quality Instructions relating to his sector of activity.
  • Keeping the Maintenance Control and Procedure manuals held by the Quality Department up to date.
  • Following the qualifications of the certifying staff & issue their qualification cards
  • Managing & updating the list of certifying staff
  • Giving the internal administrative agreement for providers and sub- contractors.
  • Registering his/her own internal and external correspondence and keeps files
  • Distributing quality plan and quality instructions relating to his sector of activity
  • Overseeing functions in the Company’s Technical Store

What are we looking for?

  • BSc/HND/OND in any relevant field
  • Minimum of 3years experience in any aviation field eg maintenance flight crew etc supervisory level will be an advantage.
  • Certification in Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License (AMEL)
  • A good knowledge of the relevant aviation regulations and the Company’s Quality Management System.
  • Honesty, managing, organizing, initiative, judgments, tact and ability to maintain harmonious working relationship.
  • Knowledge of the documentation associated with mandatory requirements for aircraft maintenance, flight operations and other operational activities as specified in Nig. CARs Part 5, 6, 9 and the Company internal requirements.
  • Working knowledge of applicable regulations and standards plus an understanding of the concepts and aims of Quality Assurance, Airworthiness and Quality Audits.
  • Have completed and passed a recognized auditor training course.
  • Language proficiency and good communication skills both written and verbal.

Method of Application

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