Revelations of a Nestoil graduate trainee

Here I am, it’s a bright Friday morning, and I’m all ready to absorb that TGIF vibe emanating from everyone else in the office. That was until my boss called me to say I would be part of the project team on a new internal audit initiative, setting us a revamped library (an electronic and physical repository) for the Group. 

“Isn’t this like a job for a more senior person as opposed to an 8-month graduate trainee?” I was tempted to ask. But I bit my tongue. I quickly realised the game had changed; I had left the observed comfort of university life. I was in the real world now, and sometimes you have to move your plans around in order to get work done. 

So I put my TGIF spirit on hold and dove right in with an open mind. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve noticed working with the audit team of the FInance department at Nestoil – the belief system. I love that my bosses and everyone I work with are so interested in seeing me succeed. So even though some plans will occasionally need to be reshuffled, it all works out in the end. 

Everyday life at the company is a lot more interesting than I thought before I joined. As a graduate trainee, I get to move around a lot and work with many different people on numerous projects. Interacting with such a diverse workforce gives you so many perspectives on work and life; it’s like travelling around the world. 

By the way, the library project has been a resounding success. The feeling of haven improved the efficiency of the people I work with and those I hardly ever run into (yes, Nestoil is quite huge) is inspiring and makes me want to do more and be better. 

I must admit, there are a few days where I feel less motivated than usual. It may be the result of something as simple as my morning commute (I know, Lagos traffic has a life of its own) or some other trivial situation. What’s the cure for that, you’re wondering now. It doesn’t get better than seeing everyone around rooting for you. The support system is great, and we operate as one big family. 

I am quite grateful for the environment and ambience as well, especially on days where I feel tired or jaded. You think the Nestoil Tower looks spectacular when driving past Akin Adesola Street? Well, you haven’t seen it from the 11th floor as I have. The view of Lagos, including the new Eko Atlantic City, is magnificent. 

If you have plans of joining Nestoil (which you absolutely should) get ready for a whole new world of exciting challenges and growth. People believe in each other here, so be open-minded as every skill you’ve ever learned will be valuable in navigating the energy industry work-life balance. 

Amobi Ifeoma Phina
Graduate Trainee 

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