At Hammakopp Consortium, We Are Connecting Communities and Accelerating Human Progress

Our story is one of modest beginnings. From building residential structures and flood water control systems to executing projects for aviation and multinational oil and gas companies, our journey has been one of progress. When Hammakopp Consortium began operations in 1999, we had a primary focus – deliver the best possible engineering and civil construction services to serve needs in Nigeria. For the past 23 years, we have done just that across various sectors in the country. 

Whether we’re building aircraft hangers, hospitals or roads, we are executing projects of impact. In our base state of Anambra alone, we have been responsible for bringing multiple road projects to life, both for the state government and the Federal Government. 

In the construction and engineering field, quality has made us stand out. First, we procure all our materials and resources directly from the manufacturers, either locally or by importing them. With this, we can avoid any compromised materials possible in the open markets. We have gone further to establish a world-class laboratory facility where we test and assess all construction materials before proceeding with any project. In a country often plagued by low-quality construction materials, this has been a game-changer. You can read our post on indigenous construction

At Hammakopp Consortium, We Are Connecting Communities and Accelerating Human Progress

We understand that project sites are unique and need to be given the proper attention. This is why we do not commence any operation without the appropriate soil tests. With adequate testing and analyses, we are better able to understand the right materials needed for every project. 

At Hammakopp Consortium, we understand that it takes the right combination of knowledge, experience and skills to take on significant projects. This is why we are regularly training our workforce to the latest local and international standards. We are helping our people keep up with the latest trends and advances in technologies in their fields of specialisation. With these strategies, our people and business continue to grow. 

Looking towards the future, we are constantly improving quality and training our people to better execute projects on a larger scale. As an indigenous company, we are happy to be able to demonstrate our competence and deliver value to our clients and communities. 

Ikenna Chukwudum
Head of Operations

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