Health, safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment

We are concerned about the environment in which we operate; hence, we protect the environment by minimising pollution, reducing waste generation and contamination of air, water and land. All wastes generated during the cause of our operations are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

We protect the health and safety of our staff, contractors, employees and all parties impacted by our activities.

The leadership of our organisation demonstrates a commitment to HSE by proper allocation of time and resources to HSE and by giving it an equal priority with work completion or milestone achievement. Nestoil’s commitment to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is championed throughout all levels of the company and is embedded in every aspect of our operations.


Our firm and committed approach to HSE has resulted in a series of successful projects delivery without Lost Time Injury. This feat has been severally recognised by our clients and rewarded accordingly with certificates and plaques.

Health, Safety and Environment nestoil

The Nestoil Group has not advertised any mass recruitment exercise or investment scheme. Information from us will always be published on our official websites and verified social media accounts. Any user or account making any kind of offer in the name of the Nestoil Group should be disregarded and reported.